Enabling Fully Homomorphic Encryption through Hardware Acceleration

a KU Leuven spin-off

Belfort FHE Accelerator

To showcase our technology, we’ve developed a demo for a transciphering application, ideal for blockchain applications. It seamlessly converts symmetric key ciphertexts to the FHE domain or provides encrypted randomness, enhancing efficiency and functionality on-chain.

HW Accelerated   1 FPGA


SW Optimised   1 Thread

The advantages of our technology are numerous

  • Acceleration through off-the-shelf FPGAs
    No need for custom hardware, making adoption hassle-free.
  • Versatility
    Our solution can operate on both local servers and cloud services like AWS Cloud, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Integration with TFHE-rs
    No special compiler required, simplifying the integration process.
  • Support for any TFHE parameter set

How do we achieve this level of performance?

  • In-depth architectural optimizations
    We’ve meticulously optimized our architecture for low latency and high throughput, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Entirely compute-bound bootstrapping throughput
    100% utilization of arithmetic units and only small bootstrapping key cache
  • Noise-trimmed fixed-point representations
    Our innovative patent-pending approach reduces representation size by up to 50% compared to prior floating-point or integer FFTs, maximizing efficiency without compromising accuracy.

Belfort FHE Accelerator is ready to speed up your FHE applications

It is now much more capable than its earlier published version.

Contact us now to schedule a demonstration of our technology.

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