Enabling Fully Homomorphic Encryption through Hardware Acceleration

a KU Leuven spin-off

Computing on Encrypted Data

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is revolutionizing data security by enabling computations on encrypted data while preserving its confidentiality. Imagine harnessing the power of data without ever disclosing the underlying information. Curious about its applications?

We have the first application-ready accelerator in the world

At Belfort, we provide cutting-edge hardware acceleration to achieve performant FHE. As pioneers, our accelerator stands as the world’s first application-ready FHE hardware. Our accelerator seamlessly integrates into the TFHE-rs library, ready to be used in your application. Stay tuned for upcoming integrations!

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High speed results in low cost

Compared to traditional single-thread CPU processing, our accelerator boasts a remarkable speed increase of 300x, translating directly to cost savings for you. Experience the difference firsthand by trying out our accelerator today! Expect even more exciting speed enhancements in the year ahead.

We are ready for your application

Contact us now to schedule a demonstration of our technology. Our accelerator is ready to speed up your application.

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